Most biographies are written in the third person, but I needed to type this one so you could hear my voice. My name is Daniel Aiyedogbon, popularly known as Tjsarx (pronounced TJ-Sarx). My story is fascinating because every action I have taken has resulted from fear, faith, and trust. I was born on July 10, 2000, to amazing parents; John and Omolara Aiyedogbon, in Kaduna, Nigeria, during a time when religious riots and terrorism were predominant. Me being alive is a Miracle. I have two siblings, wonderful humans that I believe God strategically placed in my life.

Born by pastor parents, all I ever knew was church, so I was exposed to music at a young age. At about 6 years old, I was already singing in the children's choir, and by 8 or 9, I had started playing the saxophone. I never thought I'd be a recording artist and honestly did not even think I'd ever sing, but God works beautifully.

Fast forward to a later time in my life (I believe I was in my 3 rd year of secondary school (Jss3)), my very good friend, Dandivito and Wise king were at my house freestyling to a beat they found online and out of excitement, I asked them to put me on the song. They first hesitated to claim that I could not rap, but then I debunked it by singing a chorus they liked. The next day, we recorded "Thousand Words," and we started a boyband called “Tha New Nation” (TNN). And that is how my musical journey began. TNN succeeded wildly, and we were quickly known in the city. We performed at high schools and did radio tours. A few years later, we all decided to go our separate ways, and I began my journey as a solo artist. Since then, I have worked with many renowned artists worldwide and won multiple awards from different parts of the world.

This journey has been CRAZY; realistically, one page is not enough for me to tell the story. From harmonizing melodies and playing the saxophone down the streets of Kaduna to performing for thousands worldwide, God has placed me as a leading face of urban music. Using initiatives like WellsPool & The Sarx Inc, my goal is to reflect Christ as I positively influence culture through art. There is more to say, but I will tell you more as we journey together. So, sign up to be part of my exclusive mailing list, where I will share these stories. Thank you. I love you (& I mean that).